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Blair’s Jalapeno Death Sauce – Who knew hotsauce could be good?

Not just good; the best I've every tasted
(See online!)

With the weird macho BS surrounding hot sauces, it took me well into my thirties to finally realize that it's all silly bluster. When they say "hot enough to burn the hair off your future descendents", it's just juvenile posing. Grr! Death! Kill! Murder! RAR!

I can't even remember what led me to try this, but Blair's Jalapeno (complete with SKULL KEYCHAIN!!! RAR!! WE'RE SO EDGY!) is by far the best Jalepeno sauce I've ever had. Far from the promised pain and death that I can't see anyone actually wanting, this has actual FLAVOR. It's a bit spendy so you'll want to use sparingly, but in almost 10 years, I've yet to find anything even close to as good.

Bottom line, it's pretty hard to tell when a hot sauce is going to keep it's uncomfortable sadism-kink of hurting you versus just being a tasty condiment so I figure it's important to share when we find a winner. Blair's might be just one of the many emo posers in the market, but at least it has good flavor (and in the case of the Jalapeno, little to no actual pain).

2020.08 – UPDATE – The newest bottle I tried was actually fairly spicy. I can't tell if the flavor is as good because of the numbness, but it's still better than average even if they've recently erred on the side of pain over flavor.

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